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Emergency Closing Policy

The Potterville Benton Township District Library has adopted the following policy to ensure a cautionary response to an emergency/threatening to impact or immediately impacting the Library’s employees, community members, facilities, or materials.

The primary goals of this policy are to establish:

  • The types of emergencies which may cause the Library to close or suspend services;
  • The power of the Director and or Library Board to close the Library due to an imminent orimmediate emergency;

The Library will make every effort to maintain regular operating hours that have been established by the PBTDL Board. However, at times, the Library may have to close, shorten hours, cancel programs, and cancel or restrict services due to emergency conditions.

Types of Emergencies:
The decision to close the Library will be made with the health and safety of the Library employees and patron as the top priority. The following emergencies may call for closure of the Library:

  • Severe weather events;
  • Local or regional declaration of a State of Emergency;
  • Pests, bugs, or infestation;
  • Loss of critical utilities;
  • Gas Leak or suspected gas leak;
  • Water damage or flood;
  • Fire;
  • Bomb threat;
  • Active shooter;
  • Hazardous spill;
  • Lockdown/Shelter in Place;
  • Pandemic, serious illness, or public health crisis;
  • Other emergencies that may occur;

The Director and Library Board will handle these emergencies in the best interests of the Library facility, employees, and community. The public will be notified of closing or changes in hours of operation through The Library’s Facebook page, the Library Website and posters on the door. When the Library is closed due to an emergency, patrons can manage their account online, access MeL, and use the Libby or Hoopla apps to check out e-materials.

Adopted by the Library Board on April 3, 2023

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