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Unattended Children Policies

Unattended Children Policy

The Potterville Benton Township District Library welcomes  children of all ages to use its facilities and services. Caregivers (parents, guardians, or assigned caregiver) are responsible for the welfare and the behavior  of their children while using the library. The library is not responsible for the safety of unattended children.
An Unattended Child is any young person unable to care for themselves while using the library unaccompanied by a responsible caregiver. Because children develop and mature at different rates, there is no magic age at which all children are ready to cope with the variety of circumstances they may face alone in the library. Library staff must use their judgement and discretion whether or not an unattended child is at risk.

  • Caregivers may not leave unattended children alone in the building or in another area of the library or library property.
  • Older children may use the library unattended based on their age and maturity. In order to remain in the library, the child's behavior must meet the library's Rules of Conduct policy for all patrons, including but not limited to:
  1.   Keep the noise within levels which do not interfere with the activities of others.
  2.   Avoid actions which could cause injuries, damage to property, or offend others.

A caregiver allowing a child to remain in the library unattended is responsible for ensuring the child is prepared to contact his or her home or communicate in the event a staff member needs to interact with the caregiver.

  • In the event an unattended child is in distress (crying, screaming, etc.) an attempt will be made to locate the unattended child's caregiver in the library. If one cannot be located within five minutes, the appropriate authorities will be contacted.
  • Should it be determined that an unattended child has been left at the library without a ride or assistance going home at closing time, an attempt will be made to contact the caregiver. Under no circumstances will library staff transport or take the unattended child away from the library building. If the caregiver cannot be reached, the appropriate authorities will be called. A staff member will remain with the child until authorities have arrived. 
  • Any patron including children may lose library privileges if they do not meet the requirements of this policy or the library's Rules of Conduct Policy. The procedure for addressing violations of these policies is set forth in the Library's patron behavior policy.

Adopted December 6, 2010
Potterville Benton Township District Library Board Members

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